About Us

Infinite Expressions is a diverse production company sponsoring special projects and workshops supporting cultural awareness, diversity, tolerance and spiritual ascension.

Our main goals are to meet the needs of our African community in ways that allow true expression, interpretation, and understanding in the focus of Creative Arts through our Indigenous and Ancestral Culture. Our most ubiquitous focus is on all aspects of creative expression and wellness as we inspire to create Wellness through our unique talents we were birthed here to share as we ascend to our greatest being through Love. Our combined talents include poetry, short stories, essays, spoken word, drama, dancing, music, painting, drawing, and cooking to name a few.

Our Members and Affiliates are our family, and we nurture and encourage them to be Free with expression through DiVine Purpose and Intention which allows Healing and Wellness for themselves and others as we Grow together.

We offer grants towards supporting our tribe’s Entrepreneurial goals, as well as scholarships for our youth and family members to join our affiliate workshops and special projects depending on financial hardship. We want everyone inclined to have access to this Will of Abundance and Infinite Expression. We also request donations towards these special projects and scholarships so we may continue to service our tribe. Thank you for getting to know a little of who we are and how we are here to serve your Wellness. Please visit our Organizations, and review our Services, then contact us to join our family.

Meet Our Team

Akiyah Hawaryat

Founder & CEO

Akiyah Hawaryat Created Infinite Expressions in 2013 while completing her Psychology Undergraduate and continued to Create Affiliate Wellness Organizations and Creative Ventures during obtaining her Master’s in Health Education. She is a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, Sacred Woman Practitioner, Substitute Teacher for Children with Special Needs and Autism, as well as Owner of Home of Eden Holistic Wellness Center and Home of Eden Natural Detox Product line, author of several creative writing and wellness books, songwriter, singer engineers and producer of several poetic songs, Activist and Wellness Warrior amongst other DiVine Manifestations.

Zhen Hawaryat

Creative Artist

Zhen leads our Children Of DiVine Creative Art Workshops and Supports our Affiliate Business Home of Eden Holistic Wellness.

Theresa Simmons

Administrative Director

Theresa Simmons acts as administrative liaison of affiliate projects, connecting the pieces of the puzzle, while keeping the enterprise flying high. She creates all database programs, as well as host several creative live blog talk shows online.